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Five Simple Tips to Reduce Back Pain for Moms

Posted on June 06 2017

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They say motherhood is the hardest job you’ll ever love, and it’s true! But sometimes that hard work can sneak up on you and take its toll. With all the time spent bending to clean messes, pick up toys, and wrangle rowdy kids, moms often have severe back pain.


If you suffer from back pain, here are five things you can do to lighten the load!


1. Slow down and stretch

Sometimes slow, gentle stretches can take the twinge out of your back. Follow a short routine on youtube or do some basic yoga positions for lower back pain.


2. Change your sleeping position

Simple changes in the way you sleep can make a big difference! If you wake up with back pain, this could be a good option. Try sleeping on your side with your legs drawn up slightly to your chest and a pillow between your knees.


3. Cool sudden pains, heat constant pains

If you ever played sports you know that ice is a common solution for injury. Motherhood may not be an official sport (though it can feel like one!), but the rule still applies. Put a cooling pack on any sudden muscle pain to reduce inflammation. For pains that keep coming back, try warm baths or heating pads, and it's always good to talk to your doctor.


4. Ask for help if you need it

Let’s be honest - moms don’t get a lot of down time. Trying to set aside time for rest can feel impossible. When your calendar is full and you’re hurting, it’s time to call in the calvary! Ask someone you trust (your husband, your mother, or even your mother-in-law) to help for a few hours so you can recover. Most people will be understanding, so don’t be afraid to ask for support!


5. If nursing is hurting your back, try the Nursie!

Many parts of motherhood take a toll on your back, but nursing doesn’t have to be one of them! The Nursie’s over-the-arm design allows you to position it freely, giving you a more natural posture. Its simplicity means no wrestling it into a specific position or fighting to stay still. A more comfortable nursing experience for mom and baby means less back pain - it’s a preventative solution!


If feeding sessions are giving you back pain, you can check out our Nursies online or view our list of stockists to see if we’re in a store near you!