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How to Wash Your Nursie

Posted on May 23 2017

washing nursie

Did you know that the Nursie is as easy to wash as it is to use? It’s true!

Washing your favorite nursing pillow is as fast as doing a regular load of laundry and WAY less complicated!

You just pop the Nursie pillow into the washing machine (on gentle cycle with cold water) and then toss it in the dryer to tumble dry on low. No wrestling with covers needed!

Not sure what to do while the Nursie is in the wash? Here are a few ideas:

  • Lay baby (and yourself) down for a much-needed nap
  • Catch up on your favorite blogs
  • Finally watch that new show on Netflix you’ve been putting off
  • Take a few minutes to stretch - carrying a baby can be hard on your back!
  • Stop your oldest from destroying that lamp (or the wall, or the vase, or…)

Got a hungry little one who needs feeding before the laundry is ready? Many of our moms have a backup Nursie for that very reason! A second or third Nursie is great to have around in case of emergencies or even for the routine washing day.

If you’re interested in a backup (or your very first) Nursie then you can browse our online catalogue or check out our list of stockists. All our styles are easy to clean, so you can’t go wrong!