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The Magic of Skin to Skin Contact for Breastfeeding and So Much More

Posted on December 08 2017

Did you know know that snuggling up skin-to-skin is also a great way to increase your milk supply? Research has shown that holding your baby skin-to-skin helps to increase your milk supply by increasing your levels of the milk-making hormone oxytocin—the hormone responsible for milk ejection. This technique doubles your chances for long term Breastfeeding Success!

Not only is this beneficial for your milk supply, skin to skin contact has so many more benefits. For example, improving your babies respiration, heart rate, temperature, blood sugar levels, immunity, and ability to self-attach at the breast. Also, babies that are held skin-to-skin cry less, breastfeed better, have lowered stress hormone levels, and have a lowered risk of infection. 

Moms also reap the rewards of skin to skin contact. Various studies show that skin to skin reduces postpartum depression. According to MCN: The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing, activity in the mother's adrenal axis is negatively influenced by childbirth, and skin-to-skin contact may reactivate the pathways to minimize the risk of Postpartum Depression.

How do you preform skin to skin? Simple! Place you baby on your bare chest, or in-between your breasts, dads can do this also. make sure your baby is undressed, they can wear a diaper if you're concerned about accidents. Cozy up under a blanket to keep you both warm. That's it! Now snuggle up with your little one and let nature work it's magic. 


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