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The Portable Nursing Arm Pillow Mom's Love!

Sly Fox Nursie


The Nursie is the ideal must have for every new Parent. Positioning an infant at the breast is key to breastfeeding success, and can be a source of frustration for many new moms. The Nursie helps to correctly place the baby at the breast every time. The Nursie is firm enough to support a good latch, can be used in all breastfeeding positions, and will continue to be the perfect fit as the baby grows. Leaning over to nurse can quickly cause back pain and discomfort. The Nursie brings baby right to the breast, promoting good posture and increasing comfort while positioning the baby in a way that reduces gas and reflux.

This luxuriously soft fabric provides an extra touch of comfort for both mom and baby. Many nursing pillows are too cumbersome to take out of the house, but The Nursie is designed to fit easily into most diaper bags so that it can be used for every feeding, even while on-the-go! This makes it the ideal nursing pillow for busy families and active moms. All Nursies are machine washable. It also makes bottle feeding a breeze.