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In 2015, my husband and I welcomed our third bundle of joy. Breastfeeding Jordan did not come as easy to me as I had hoped. A prior back injury affected my ability to nurse, comfortably. I desperately searched online and locally for a supportive nursing pillow, but, unfortunately, each pillow on the market fell short. As they say, "necessity is the mother of invention" so I decided it best to design and sew my own supportive pillow. The Nursie was born.


When I was out and about, others began to take notice of my nursing pillow. I was inspired when other nursing moms asked where they could purchase a pillow. Inspired, I decided to run a market test to validate the demand by introducing my pillow on a local Facebook page for mothers in New Braunfels, Texas. Orders poured in and word began to spread. Shortly thereafter, I opened our ETSY shop.


One day, my phone was a buzz, literally nonstop, with notifications. Hundreds of nursing mothers, all over the world, reached out in hopes of purchasing my pillow. I was baffled. A girlfriend of mine created a blurb about my pillow and it was posted on Facebook in a popular breastfeeding support group. To my shock, I later learned, there were over 7,000 shares on this one post alone. In that moment, I realized I had something the baby industry desperately needs.


It is said... Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life. My love is creating a beautifully supportive nursing pillow for moms just like you! There is great joy in knowing my product is beneficial to others.


So, please allow me to simply say... thank you! Because of amazing, loyal customers like you, I am able to support my family while doing what I love. 


XOXO, Tiffany Meinhart, Creator of The Nursie